IRCIRC Equipment

What is IRC :
Infra Red Coagulation used in a number of conditions is commonly being used for office treatment of hemorrhoids worldwide.

How is it done :
Infra Red Rays are applied just at the base of the piles mass through the proctoscope..

Why is it done :
It is performed to cause coagulation of the tissues in a timer controlled fashion so as to give good results with no complications.

Is it painful :
IRC does not have any pain associated with the procedure.

What is the cost :
We are charging Rs. 5500 / - for upto three sittings of IRC. If any of our patients do not benefit with IRC and require surgery we have even offered to include the IRC charges in our surgery charges.

What are the complications :
No major complication are known of IRC. It is a painless procedure. The natural course of the disease may however cause problems during treatment including bleeding.