ColonoscopyWhat is Colonoscopy :
Visualisation of the large intestines upto caecum per rectally using a flexible Colonoscope.

How is it done :
A flexible tube is passed through the rectum after proper cleaning of the intestines. Local anesthetic jelly lubrication is used. Sedation and analgesics are used in about 30% of all colonoscopies. Preperation for colonoscopy is done by giving the patient Peglec powder dissolved in 2 ltrs. of water. Patient drinks this solution as much as possible preferably over one hour and can come for the procedure after 4 - 5 hrs.

Why is it done :
Direct examination in color being superior to black and white barium enema, early malignancy and mucosal abnormalities are better picked up with colonoscopy. Biopsy and occasionally treatment like removal of small tumors / polyps can be done in the same sitting.

Is it painful :
Some amount of discomfort is associated with a full length colonoscopy but most patients can get the procedure done without any sedation / analgesia. However about 30% of our patients requires sedation / analgesia to complete the procedure.

What is the cost :
Full length Colonoscopy costs Rs. 4200 / - in our centre with photographs.

What are the indications for colonoscopy :

Colonoscopy is generally indicated in the following circumstances:

1. For evaluation of unexplained GI bleeding a) Hematochezia b) Malena after an upper GI source has been excluded c) Presence of  fecal occult blood

2. Unexplained iron deficiency anaemia.

3. Screening and surveillance for colonic neoplasia

What are the complications :
Diagnostic Colonoscopy should again be free of any major complication in trained hands. Occasionally perforations have been reported.