Dilated biliary tree (inverted image) Spinchterotomy

ERCP was introduced by us for the first time in the region in 1997. We have since mainly focussed on therapeutic ERCP having done less than 5 % purely diagnostic procedures since the begining. Now of course with evolution of MRCP diagnostic ERCP does not have any role to play in medical armamentarium.

We focus on safety and remain within our limitations in therapeutic ERCP.

We do not attempt mechanical lithotripsy, or pancreatic stone retrievals regularily though we have facilities for the same. We focus on removal of smaller CBD stones, SEME placements, plastic stents and Nasobiliary drain placement for our routine work.

We prefer to provide comprehensive services including ERCP and Surgery for cholelithiasis / choledocholithiasis rather than providing only ERCP. This complications if any can be handled easily.