Foreign Body Removal


Foreign bodies removed from UGI TractForeign bodies removed by endoscopically

Over the years Foreign Body Removal has become our USP. We have removed more than 600 coins, 200 chicken/ fish / mutton bones about 50 batteries, 80 dentures, 4 toothbrushes, 2 thermometers, about 50 nails and screws , 50 sewing needles (seven from a single patient in one sitting), 100 plus cases of food bolus impaction (meat, pea, papaya, fruit seed) besides bulbs, tongue cleaners, nailcutters, screw driver, from children as small as 9 months old to elderly population of 90 yrs plus. We are equipped to give anesthesia in endoscopy suite itself besides a full fledged Operation Theater in case of any problem. Though initially we used to give Ketamine ourself and do the procedure, now for the past 10 yrs we depend on anesthetists to give anesthesia where required......