Cesarean Section



Cesarean Section   is  a surgical procedure to deliver the baby.An incision is made through an expectant mother's lower abdomen and uterus to deliver the  baby. It may be planned or emergency. Mostly healthy pregnant women with no complications deliver vaginally,still the  cesarean rate in our country has risen greatly in recent decade. It is therefore important for pregnant women to get the facts about C-sections before they deliver.


What are the reasons for Cesarean section ?

Your doctor may recommend a C-section if she thinks it is safer for you or your baby than vaginal birth is. Some C-sections are planned , but most are done when unexpected problems happen during delivery. It is recommended when vaginal  delivery may pose a risk to the mother or baby or both.

Common indications for cesarean section are:

1) The mother has had a previous  C-section if it was for a recurrent indications like contracted pelvis or doubt about scar)

2) Labor is not progressing as expected and taking a long time.

3) There are problems with the position of baby such as breech presentation or transverse lie

4) The baby shows signs of distress such as slowed fetal heart.

5) There are problems with the  umbilical cord

6) Prolonged rupture of membranes

7) Mother has dangerously high blood pressure

8) There are problems with the placenta

9) The mother is carrying more than one baby ( twins .triplets stc)

10)Overly large baby

11)The mother has problems with the shape of her pelvis.

12) Failed instrumental delivery-eg after a trial of forceps /ventouse

13) Ultrasound shows Low Biophysical profile

14)  Precious Pregnancy ( Bad Obstetric history, elderly prime, conceived after infertility)

 All the above indications are not a comprehensive list and depend on the judgement of the Obstetrician.


1)What are the preparations done before surgery?

Ans: The  pre-op preparation involves removing of abdominal and pubic hair ,some medications and catheterization. Patient is also made to wear a hospital gown,and asked to remove all jewellery and nail paint.

2) How long does the surgery take?

Ans: Cesarean delivery takes about 45 to 50 mins. It takes place in an operating room. A doctor (anesthetist ) will give you  anesthesia usually epidural or spinal block , which will block the feeling of pain in the lower part of your body. It allows the mother to be to be alert and awake and hear the first cry of her baby.

3)Who all are present at the time of surgery and can a relative be present inside?

Ans: There is a team of doctors who perform the operation. The Obstetrician, an Assistant doctor, Anesthetist ,a scrub nurse and pediatrician in addition to OT staff. Having a relative/husband inside OT is at the discretion of the doctor ( there have been incidences where the husband faints  on seeing the surgery and the focus shifts from the patient and baby !)

4) How long does it take to recover?

Ans: After 24 hrs you will be made to sit up. After about 12 hrs liquids can be  given and later semisolids. Next day you can walk,take solid food and feed baby. Baby feeding by mother can be started  earlier but varies from patient to patient.If no complication is there then patient is discharged on the third day.

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